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DECEMBER 21, 2008

I got a chance to venture into town today. By car, this time. I am walking into town tomorrow morning, but I figured now would be a good time to pick up a few food items so that I would not have to walk them back in my pack tomorrow. I've decided that I will feed myself for the rest of my time here. I got a loaf of bread, guava jam, some packets of crackers and a few snacks. I am hoping that it will last me a week, but I am aiming for longer.

I washed my water canteen today for the first time. There was mold growing inside of it. I hadn't really cared to be honest. I mean, I didn't know that there was mold in there while I was drinking from it until today, but my earlier contemplations were to not wash it the entire time I was here. Because germs/bacteria/fungus are nothing to be afraid of.

I am in a different place today. At a shrine or a temple. Maybe I biked there. I think that I would have wanted it that way. I am in Japan today, in a peaceful place. Whether be it cemetery, park, country ride; I am in nature, elsewhere, with my heart.
These are two unpeaked eggs that we found in a nest that was exhumed today. There is still a chance they will hatch, so we placed them in a shallow dish with water to keep them moist.

A couple days later, both of the eggs hatched. The hatchling you see here was healthy and was released successfully into the tide. The second hatchling, who hatched from the darker colored egg was disformed. It's shell was not properly developed and we knew it wouldn't make it. It, too was released into the tide, but was not thought to survive.
Today, we also had a nest of baby green turtles hatch. My first green. Actually, a few dozen! This is very exciting!
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