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It is a week shy of April and I have arrived back to this quaint little suburban town that feels far more country than I ever realized. This evening, you will find me sitting in my once usual spot at the kitchen table, eyes occasionally wandering out the bay window, mind fixated on anything other than the present. When are the leaves going to come out? Where are the flower buds, and palettes of color? Why am I missing the cherry blossoms?

My toilet seat is cold. My cereal spoon is the wrong shape, and my soy milk tastes funny. My thumbs are bored at night, and there are no more rivers or 711s to walk to. This may take some time.

A little reminiscing...

... because nothing else makes me feel more like home.

See you in a week, Ohio.

Materialism is... bliss?

When I left home last September with just enough money and spirit to make it to Japan, fulfill my responsibilities in Costa Rica, and then return to somewhere deemed promising, I was confident in my ability to be frugal and happy at the same time. I felt invincible, passionate, and guided. I didn't think that repercussions would ever ensue, and that no matter what circumstance I found myself in, I'd miraculously overcome them like the world has always intended for me. I found the idea of living without to be daring and awe-inspiring--taking risks against the money-driven masses and learning to live simply was meant to be a test of my will and ability; a challenge against that non-atypical dream chased by so many, and often obtained by so few. I wanted [it] to be different.

Quitting my job and choosing to go to Costa Rica was my chance to prove that I could live simply and contently. I thought that if I could accomplish the task, that the lessons learned could follow me home an…

Winding down

Figure that I am almost overdue for an update, and it's due time that I turn something out to satisfy your patiently awaiting curiosities. The past few weeks have been rather slow, documented by only a few significant events and a lot of mediocre bullshit business that has left me preoccupied.

Last weekend marked the annual Hadaka Matsuri (naked festival) at Saidaiji in Okayama. You can read about the antics here. It was lots of frozen "butz on butz" in the frigid 30 degree temperatures. There were probably several hundred cheeks that night, either chattered or clenched. All gathered around the temple for the strike of midnight, where a game of push-and-shove ensued, "ancient" scrolls were tossed, and continuous intercom interruptions demanded that the "naked men" stop fighting. After their round of drunken bare-butt embarrassment, and our round of ulcer-inflicting carny food, we grabbed the special 1:10am train back to the land of the sane-and…