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Explosions in the Sky

Belgium, May 24, 2011 - mystical live performance

AB Sessions set list:

last known surroundings
yasmin the light
catastrophe and the cure
only moment
postcard from 1952
the birth and death of the day
your hand in mine
let me back in
the moon is down

I love a broad margin to my life

page 26
I'm standing on top of a hill;
I can see everywhichway--
the long way that I came, and the few
places I have yet to go. Treat
my whole life as formally a day.
I used to be able, in hours, to relive,
to refeel my life from its baby beginnings
all the way to the present. 3 times
I slipped into lives before this one.
I have been a man in China, and a woman
in China, and a woman in the Wild West.
(My college roommate called; she'd met
Earll and me in Atlantis, but I don't
remember that.) I've been married
to Earll for 3 lifetimes, counting
this one. From time to time, we lose each other,
but can't divorce until we get it right.
Love, that is. Get love right. Get
marriage right. Earll won't believe
in reincarnation, and makes fun of it.
The Dalai Lama in How to Expand Love
says to "try possibility that past
and future rebirth over a continuum
of lives may take place." We have forever.
Find me, love me, again.
I find you, I love you, again.

Bad Sheen

May 12, 2011 - Oil Sheen Near Former Deepwater Horizon Site
MARCH 2011, a new oil sheen was discovered in the Gulf of Mexico that covered over 100 miles of open water while washing ashore and causing 30 miles of shoreline impact. This spill was caused by a Houston-based company, Anglo Suisse, which only claimed responsibility for the spill and clean up after they were caught by independent pilots and fishermen.

Apparently, there are a number of damaged and partially abandoned oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico that have been leaking, unchecked for years, and these companies are not fessing up unless caught. As of today, a new 20-mile oil sheen has been spotted near the former Deepwater Horizon oil spill site, just a few miles away from the old Ocean Saratoga oil rig devastated by Hurricane Ivan in 2004. A year ago, it was discovered that the rig was leaking 14 gallons of oil per day. Now, it is leaking at a much steeper rate of 251 barrels of oil per day.

Think about these statistics, &q…

Brothers and Sisters

"Man must evolve for all human conflict a method which rejects revenge, aggression and retaliation. The foundation of such a method is love."