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Wandering Everglades

There are no other Everglades in the world. They are, they have always been, one of the unique regions of the Earth; remote, never wholly known. Nothing anywhere else is like them.
-- Majory Stoneman Douglas
The forecast today says 100% chance of rain. It's the end of the rainy season, but rain will spot in and out of the field week, periodically. Early on, you learn that fieldwork occurs no matter the rain or the shine. Depending on your comfort level, this may be a reality that lingers on your mind throughout the day as the clouds roll through. I've been working in the field now for over seven years, so I tend to pay no mind at all. I like the weather and I like the work.

Every field morning, the alarm rings at 4:00am... then again at 4:05, 4:15, and sometimes a reckless 4:30am. If I’m on point, my field bag will have been packed the night before with gear and other necessities: rain jacket, towel, neoprene gloves, long sleeve lycra shirt, sunblock, hat, sunglasses, tube so…