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Up and zipping

You can find other pictures of the day from Dayton Daily News website here

Today was Media & VIP Day on the Ozone Zipline Adventure, and our first day facilitating the zipline with guests. Tomorrow will be the first day that our tour is open to the public. Things went impressively smooth, and everyone seemed to be having a great time--guests and guides. Typically, guides will travel with groups through the tour, but since today's group consisted of over 80 guests, we rotated through posts and communicated with all stationed posts through walky-talkies. Brown bag lunch was zipped to us by our thoughtful ERI trainer, Nat, and I got to eat gooey chocolate and raspberry-filled cookies and cool ranch doritos in unguilty pleasure for the first time in ages. The thirty-two hours we've put into these past three days has surely paid off with a successful and happy ending. Man, you just gotta love what we do!

Check out a video of today's events and an interview from our di…

Letting June run out

Self-promotion has always been a point of contention with me. I've never been entirely comfortable with leaving hardline traces of myself strewn across the internet. Pen and paper has always been my forte, but recent words of assurance have seemed to escape me in all existing mediums. Maybe it has something to do with growing older, and senile paranoia. Whatever. So, I apologize for the ostensible neglect everyone is experiencing in my conflicted wake. I'm trying not to put much thought into it, and neither should you. I'll come around, probably once these summer months are gone. Guess this is my disclaimer. I hope you like your martinis dry.

Last night I went to see The Avett Brothers play with some of my favorites. We got down to Convington, Kentucky about 4'ish, meeting up at a friend's pad. She just so happens to live above the venue we were going to that night, the Madison Theater. What's really great about it, is that all of the bands' tour…