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Bus Stop

This picture makes me laugh so hard. I had to share; I love it.

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photo ©2008 jason p. potter

It's a vrrrace!

Well... not really. I mean, there are prizes involved (none of which I will win even), but it's only a measly 5K. You can't even constitute bragging rights for that sort of win, but at least I'm not sitting at home on my ass. This is basically, almost a typical days worth of activity that I am paying for/participating in through an entry donation that supports the arts--specifically, The Human Race Theatre Company in Dayton, Ohio. I say almost a typical day's worth of activity, because a typical day generally includes burning a kick ass amount of calories (500-800) and loving every minute of it. And at the end of the day? I get to attend a bachelorette party with my girls and consume lovely cake, but it's not just any cake. No, this is cake comically shaped into the resemblance of a penis (a.k.a. "penis cake"). Haha, yeah, I know ;)

So my incentives for this race are as follows:
It will be the completion of my first marathonrace (a real marathon …

Happy 38th Earth Day

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No restraint

Good things come to those who wait embrace them.

There will forever be truth in the act of patience and acceptance. Things are neither good nor bad--they just are. Always use them to your advantage. Always use them for good.

I inquired on a volunteer position on March 11, 2008, impulsively applying for this particular position the following day. I only applied for one, submitting one resume, communicating with one contact, confiding only in one's self--me. Applying solely for this meant that I would be putting all my faith and energy into one goal. This is what I do. It makes things meaningful, and honest. The volunteer position was for an assistant position with PRETOMA in/on Playa Caletas, Costa Rica. If I got it, I would be living with 8 other people on a newly established, endangered sea turtle nesting field site, on a beach virtually untouched.

Well, I got it :) I... got it. Do you honestly know how much that means to me?

It will be a rustic way of life for the dur…

It Ends Tonight


I am having a difficult day today... and it's still fairly early in the day. I can't explain it. I came home from spinning class this morning and flung my things across the room. I haven't felt this way in a really long while--just really, really frustrated; really unhappy, and I want things to be different. I have done absolutely everything possible to keep my mind occupied. Everything I am at least capable of doing at this point, besides moving back home... which is soon, and I still know it won't make much difference, but it's at least a change I need.

I struggle sometimes (all the time), when it comes to talking about how I feel. I think my biggest obstacle is constantly being scared of consequence. I could never say that I am not myself--I am always true, but there are times where I know I just need to separate myself. These days I know that whatever I have to say or whatever it is that I am feeling, won't make any difference to anything at…

Death By Blogging

I have to admit, that I am re-posting this mainly because the title makes me chuckle quite a bit. Death by blogging. Is there cake involved? No? Well... there definitely should be.

Wouldn't it be interesting to find out if there was a masquerade of dark, grim-reaping avengers that would visit you at the wee hours of the night in reprimand for all the overly-optimistic and phony, self-help lies you've infiltrated the world wide web with? You'd be sitting there on your third pot of coffee, Bit-O-Honey wrappers strewn about (mmm, Bit-O-Honey), and dried-up empty bowls of old crusty ramen, pounding out your next version of "Get Fit Through Phychosis" bit. You'd feel the little hairs stand on the back of your neck, turning to fatally find the sword of blogging justice swinging heavily at your face. The only thing left is a cursor flashing after the words: "and so it is...."--a pathetic music ploy attempt you used to captivate the quarterlife crisis…

In this 'Mad World', discovering peace within--out

I attended a lecture this evening by a highly-acclaimed Asian American poet, author and peace activist, Maxine Hong Kingston. Her first book, a memoir entitled, The Woman Warrior: Memoirs of a Girlhood Among Ghosts (1976) won the National Book Critic's Circle Award and made her a literary celebrity. China Men (1989), a sequel to The Woman Warrior, received the National Book Award and was runner-up for the Pulitzer Prize. She has several more novels, including books of poetry that you can research for yourself.

I purchased two of her books, The Woman Warrior: Memoirs of a Girlhood Among Ghosts, andThe Fifth Book of Peace, which I plan on reading in succession.In signing, she penned, 'To Kim, in sisterhood'. I was left standing there dumb and speechless, wheels turning in my head. All I could say was "I very much enjoyed your lecture this evening." What I really wanted to say was "Your lecture has moved me in many ways tonight. I particularly connected w…