It's a vrrrace!

Well... not really. I mean, there are prizes involved (none of which I will win even), but it's only a measly 5K. You can't even constitute bragging rights for that sort of win, but at least I'm not sitting at home on my ass. This is basically, almost a typical days worth of activity that I am paying for/participating in through an entry donation that supports the arts--specifically, The Human Race Theatre Company in Dayton, Ohio. I say almost a typical day's worth of activity, because a typical day generally includes burning a kick ass amount of calories (500-800) and loving every minute of it. And at the end of the day? I get to attend a bachelorette party with my girls and consume lovely cake, but it's not just any cake. No, this is cake comically shaped into the resemblance of a penis (a.k.a. "penis cake"). Haha, yeah, I know ;)

So my incentives for this race are as follows:
  1. It will be the completion of my first marathon race (a real marathon is actually 42.195 kilometers; 26 miles... more on that later)
  2. I get a t-shirt!! Woohoo!!
  3. I get to run outside, through the park, and along the river.

There was a time, almost a year ago, when I couldn't even run a mile, so even though this is a mere 5K, it is still a step forward. And I am even more proud of myself for running it alone, which is no surprise at all really.

So what have I done to prepare? I've extended my stamina and endurance by more than doubling my cardio by picking up a spinning class 3 times a week. I've been running everyday I possibly can (my legs are steeealth). I've drank almost nothing, but water for the past several months. I stopped smoking, and cut back on drinking alcohol a month ago. And I reduced my weight-training to only 3 days a week, using lighter weight and more reps. My body is tight. My eating habits have been better too, but you'd still probably think I am nuts.

One thing that has been missing from my life for a really long time is competition. Someday, I hope to leave this place for good, pick up a running partner somewhere, and live in someplace that can allow me to run longer distances without stopping for traffic, or having to run around baby strollers, and people who allow their mangy animals to poop all over the place. Someday, yes, I'd like to run a real marathon. I already know that I can do it, because I want to do it and believe that I can. I believe that sometimes, all it takes to succeed is (determination that is) heart. I don't expect to place 1-3. I think setting absolute standards are unrealistic and a great cause for competitive disappointment. A greater goal, is to do your best, and in doing so, you always know you've accomplished something great.

There are many more things I want to compete in, but most importantly, I just need to be... want to be... love being active. I'm not too sure what I am going to do after I graduate, move back home away from my gym and my pleasant little neighborhood. I'll probably pick back up trail biking again with a goal of 20 mile rides, and get a job at the canoe livery on the weekends. Yeah... peeerfect :)

Tomorrow is going to be so much fun!


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