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Go with what you know

(**update on the following review has been published. Click here to view Mizuno Wave Creation 12 review update. Initial review can be found below.)

I am not a sucker. I am aware that it has only been 5 days since my last post about the high price of running shoes/gear. You should first understand that I think about the comfort of my feet and muscles every time I step onto the pavement. Every mile, curb, uneven surface, and twinge in my knees and calves reminds me of the importance of owning a quality running shoe. When it comes right down to it, Mizuno may not make the best running shoe for you, but someone who runs many miles on a consistent basis can tell you Mizuno really is the best in terms of withstanding all our brutal force without much complaint. The second thing that you should understand, in my defense, is that I actually have a very logical plan for compensating the price of these shoes. For starters, I used a coupon and have an added advantage of being able to run…

Gear companies are not created equal

But I don't wanna pay $140 for running shoes!
Who the $%*@ wants to pay $300 a year for two pairs of shoes?
The athletic shoe companies are reaming their most reliable customers!
Is this the price I have to pay for having an athletic hobby?

This is me throwing a tantrum. I am tired of watching the price of gear increase, and to what means? It cost pennies to construct a pair of shoes, plus a little more for the engineers, but come on. I am not stupid. You're gear is not worth a 50% inflation just because people are suddenly deciding to get off their ass and exercise (good for you, by the way).

It's been 5 months since my last purchase and I am already at mile 328. There isn't much left in'em as I have already begun to experience the breakdown/compression in the structure of shoes. Not because they are poorly designed shoes. In fact, they are fantastic shoes. My favorite thus far. I even bought two pairs of the same model last year because I loved them so mu…

Completely Random

I realized today that I can only work 3 seasons of the year. This means that summers would be taken off so that I could avoid wearing clothes in the heat and could happily spend every day in my most favorite ways; in the water, sand, on the pavement, and through lens. I've also realized that I would never be able to spend everyday at the beach for any prolonged period of time, but 3 months is nice with the break up from a 3 week job at FIU, opportunities for field work/volunteering in the Bahamas, and the two weeks before school starts where I realize summer flew by despite the occasional antsy day where I wanted to be doing certain kinds of work rather than nothing at all in the heat. There is definitely a balance to everything. I also realized that--despite my enjoyment with the time I spend alone doing school work, listening to music, running and sitting on benches and cozy little tables under trees--I very much need 1-2 nights a week where I can drink whatever I want in wh…