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(**update on the following review has been published. Click here to view Mizuno Wave Creation 12 review update. Initial review can be found below.)

I am not a sucker. I am aware that it has only been 5 days since my last post about the high price of running shoes/gear. You should first understand that I think about the comfort of my feet and muscles every time I step onto the pavement. Every mile, curb, uneven surface, and twinge in my knees and calves reminds me of the importance of owning a quality running shoe. When it comes right down to it, Mizuno may not make the best running shoe for you, but someone who runs many miles on a consistent basis can tell you Mizuno really is the best in terms of withstanding all our brutal force without much complaint. The second thing that you should understand, in my defense, is that I actually have a very logical plan for compensating the price of these shoes. For starters, I used a coupon and have an added advantage of being able to run on the shoe for 15 days before I decide if I want to keep them. If I like them, then I will later buy the same model at a discounted price once the hype dies down.

Tonight was the first night testing out the new Mizuno Wave Creation 12 (MWC12), and without no short supply of excitement. After an evening storm cleared up the skies for the setting sun, I was appointed the duty of stopping a couple from breaking into cars and turning them into security. Fun times. Needless to say a cautionary running detour home was in order, which I am hoping is temporary as Bonnie and Clyde mosey on down to the next shopping center. Ah yes, the review...

Mizuno Wave Creation 12 Review

Mizuno Wave Creation 12

The first noticeable difference on the MWC12 can be found at the toe of the shoe. The tip curves upward slightly, extended the tread of the shoe for a more extending heel-to-toe stride. It is an interesting alteration on the shoe and I assume that it maybe allows for a smoother ride and maintenance of momentum. My personal issue with this new alteration is that there isn't much support at this portion of the shoe and it makes the initial push-off slightly awkward. Towards the end of my run, this was no longer noticeable.

The next noticeable difference is the slight shift of the arch support towards the rear of the shoe. I am unsure why this essential comfort aspect of the shoe has been tampered with, as I found the Wave Creation 10 and 11 extremely comfortable for my arches. Needless to say, I was slightly disappointed when I first tried them on based on this factor alone. I am curious to see if there are any other complaints about this change. It is no doubt that this was done to harmonize with the plastic support strip the Wave Creations are known for that sits directly under the arch of the shoe. This piece I personally like because it enhances support of your stride and gives great stability, especially for heavy impact runners. I am not a particularly heavy runner, but prefer a shoe with a more sturdy and neutral base for some existing knee issues.

As previous versions, the MWC12 still comes complete with the heel design that sets it apart from other models. Cut out pieces in the backs of the shoe create a more cushioned and springier step, but this year Mizunos seem to ride a little harder than before. The shoes themselves feel a little lighter than the 11, and perhaps a cut on cushioning was Mizuno's way of cutting weight.

We'll see how this progresses as I break them in before May 1. Stay tuned.

**Review Update

Thursday evening I had about enough of the Mizuno Wave Creation 12. By the end of the two week trial period I ran a total of ~30 miles (10 miles shy due to shoe-inflicted injury) before parting ways. The MWC12 were not the right shoe for me this time around, as the shoes unfortunately flared up an old injury, causing stress in the calves and bizarre toe cramps. The shoes also caused excessive rubbing on heels.

My biggest complaint stems from two facets of the shoe. The heel portion of the shoe has either been lengthened upward, as it is rubbing new and higher areas on the heel. This may be part of the problem, but the foot also sits lower in the shoe due to less padding in the insole. After such intense discomfort, I decided to switch out the new MWC12 insoles with the insoles from my MWC11. The difference in padding was clear--the insole for the MWC12 was thin and cheap feeling, as the insoles for my old MWC11 was cushiony and flexible. The other beef I have with this shoe is the entire ball design of the shoe (front portion of the shoe) has no support. On push-off, all impact is absorbed by the muscles. There was not enough support or snugness around this area to create unity. Today, after two days off and icings, my leg muscles are rather sore and stressed in all areas. I woke up rather stiff and in need of an atypical stretch.

Mizuno makes a wonderful shoe, as I have since moved on to a different model for test. Still the best long distance, hardy running shoe on the market, I will continue to be a Mizuno customer. My disappointment in the Wave Creation 12 is unclear at this point, as I am not sure if it is in the design alteration that has no longer made it a good model for myself, or if Mizuno really did drop the ball. The buzz I am hearing is that the Wave Creations are really best for heavier runners, as the support of the shoe over the years has only become more and more firm. For the light, under-pronating runners that desire a cushioned bounce in their stride, I conclude by saying that I would not recommend this shoe. Overall rating: 5 out of 10


Anonymous said…
Compared to the previous version (Creation 11), this is an absolutely awful shoe. My legs are absolutely battered after just over a week in these shoes and I have suffered a bad calf sprain. I run every day and have done so for over 20 years, but these shoes have brought me to a standstill. A very poor re-design of a classic and extremely comfortable shoe.
Kimbrolynn said…
I, too am experiencing a horrible calf sprain re-injury from these shoes. I've been off them since the date of the review and had reduced my mileage by 75% (and 100%, at this point) and still wake up in pain. So disenchanting. Thanks so much for your personal experience with the Mizuno Wave Creation 12.

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