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crass rock

Behind the scenes of Austin's SXSW with Casey Meehan, Billeh Ocean, Casey’s cousin Dustin, and these bands:

Intro to SXSW w/ Billeh Ocean and Casey Meehan
Trail of the Dead – After The Laughter
White Rabbits – Heavy Metal
Interview w/ Ian Tsan of Grapejuice Records & Rambos
Rambos – Chuck Taylors
Intro to Of Monsters of Man (With Casey’s cousin Dustin)
Of Monsters of Man – Little Talks
Casey Meehan discusses Chicago Mixtape party and talks about Chamberlin
Chamberlin – Dust
Danny Malone – Dead Girl
Billeh Ocean interviews Danny Malone
Santigold – Big Mouth
Billeh Ocean and Casey Meehan Live from the Fador Fort
Peaking Lights – Marshmellow Yellow
Nicolas Jaar – Space Is Only Noise
2 Chicago Boys Interlude
Outer Minds – Bohemian Grove
Mike Musikanto Interview w/ Billeh Ocean and Casey Meehan
Recorded at Papa Tinos (Much Love to Alan!)
Muiskanto – Byzantine
Soooooooo Gooooooood Interlude
The Last Great Fitzcarraldos – Temtation
Eddie and Casey intro to Policia
Policia …


Life requires essentials: love, friends, gear, and a whim...

mask, fins, snorkelhat2 pairs shorts, 2-3 tops, sweats, long sleeve shirtbathing suitrash guardcamel pack bladder12-pack Clif barsmicrofiber towelfive fingerspair of flip flopscashfield cameradry bagsunscreencomb, razor, deodorant, toothbrushDr. Bronnersdrawstring daypackragflashlightfirst aid

The measure

Fairness, equality, and the measure--the meaning behind the movement and the response. Are you analyzing the composition, or the individual? Do you understand the consequence of action; possess awareness of accountability. What are the margins of error? Does the machine know what it is doing without its maker, its mechanic, or its consumer? Do you "live" in the herd, or do you fight for the cause? Do you breath life? Does life breath you?