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TOMS Innovation

Recently I began the collaboration of a new project with a rep from TOMS Shoes who had started a student organization at his university in North Carolina. He is working towards a degree in management information systems and industrial operations management, and is working to improve the psychology of the shoe industry by understanding the wants, needs, and habits of its customers. For some time he has been working with colleagues to create a program that analyzes the precise foot structure of its customers to create perfectly fitted TOMS shoes using this digital software. The software analyzes the bend and length of the toes, arch of the foot, width, shape, and size relative to shoes currently worn. It's a fascinating program, still in its first beta test run as I have the lucky privilege to become the first guinea pig. Once TOMS creates the shoes, I get to prance around in their perfection, and critique the design accuracy of this inn…

On Edge

Work by: Ka Xiaoxi
NeochaEDGE is a webzine dedicated to the inspirational expression of the Chinese creative youth. Accidentally stumbled upon by googling such words as "postcards," and "graffiti," I've spent over an hour awestruck by the professional talent of these young Chinese artists thriving in the free expression of their culture through the mediums of visual and auditory design. These are the new Chinese trendsetting youth, filled with brave artistically charged voices crafted by new wave opinion leaders of their time. Another clue to a changing China, and a lucky little peep inside.

First Impressions


WAVE CREATION 11 - This is what 400 miles of pavement slapping does to a really good pair of running shoes. This, too. Oh, and this.

For a slight under-pronator with high arches, it has always been a challenge finding comfortable running shoes. And with running shoes being so expensive, it's never really been an enjoyable task. Typically, it would cost me about $100 for the shoes, plus an additional $20-30 for arch support inserts. It always seemed like a worthwhile price for a hobby that has taken me pretty far in fitness and ability, and since the open road is always readily available, it's kept me from wasting my money on workout facilities filled with prudish and uncommitted New Years resolutioners. Then, last year I came across Mizuno's Wave Creation 10 that fit my arches like a dream. They had a neutral base to help with pronation, and lots of cushion for my sometimes heavy stride. They were the first running shoe that…

Remember, remember...

As I sit here, propped up by bed pillow, adjusting annoying ipod earbuds every half minute, half empty Yuengling perched on my favorite piece of furniture--a nightstand shellaced with pictures from home--I am desensitized. V for Vendetta is on pause at minute 2:11 (it's November 5). At least I made it before midnight. But I don't want to watch a movie... not this movie, in this bed, in this space. Tradition is broken. A broken Tradition. Like watching A Christmas Story in December or eating futomaki for Setsuban. Except you'd rather eat futomaki every week... and would if you could, but once a month will do.

You miss Japan, your friends, bike rides in green spaces, and runs in the country.  You even miss bitter cold and trying to balance an umbrella in the gray.  Flurries on New Years and companionship in a foreign cab.  Trains to Kurashiki and fingers in your hand.  Coffee stirred with tiny spoons.  You miss it.  You do.  Like you missed the ocean blue.