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The Search for the Anti-Aging Diet

If we can increase the longevity of mutant earthworm, then can we increase it in humans?

New studies suggest healthy eating may add years to your life.

By Peter Jaret,

Secrets of Long Life From Around the World

For years scientists have been trekking the globe in search of communities of people rumored to live unusually long and healthy lives, trying to pinpoint their age-defying secrets. In the last few decades, they’ve come up with a handful of promising candidates. For example, research suggests that olive oil (see below) has helped the Greeks beat heart disease. For native Inuits of Alaska, diets containing extraordinary amounts of fish provide cardiovascular protection. The secret of longevity on the San Blas islands, off the coast of Panama, may be the most unexpected—and welcome—of all: chocolate, which happily turns out to be a rich source of compounds that help keep blood vessels healthy.

But some of the most compelling findings on longevity and diet comes from …

Break these clocks

A kiss can stop a heart... (muted)

... it can stop time too.

Write It Down

Inspired by a wonderful video.

These places traveled, spaces.
Riding trains and faking smiles
Overpasses passing on
those classic movie lines
in black and white
Write it down.

Pressed on displaced lives
and overriding words spilling
out of oblivious mouths
unaware, lapse of rhythmic
lyrical passions, repeated
Loud speakers screaming
Monolithic changes not involving you
Wash it down.

Monotonous minds fused
on rewind, buttons stuck with
black and white moods
Leaving you hooked on replay
Fucked. Hit play.
Start again

Mispoken distances
Displacement in places foreign
Shores overseas mournings can't
Pay your fares in blood
Like soldiers kept
In lonesome distance
Level 4

So write it down and wash it out
This permanent ink
Won't reflect the
Lonesome we're feeding
And everyday is anything, but
Valentine's Day
Fuck it.

But moist eyelashes dry
And furrowed brows are
eventually caught smiling
And hardlines defy battlefields
Headlining traveled rail lines
Adding to places loved

Lodged in throats, no…