Write It Down

Inspired by a wonderful video.

These places traveled, spaces.
Riding trains and faking smiles
Overpasses passing on
those classic movie lines
in black and white
Write it down.

Pressed on displaced lives
and overriding words spilling
out of oblivious mouths
unaware, lapse of rhythmic
lyrical passions, repeated
Loud speakers screaming
Monolithic changes not involving you
Wash it down.

Monotonous minds fused
on rewind, buttons stuck with
black and white moods
Leaving you hooked on replay
Fucked. Hit play.
Start again

Mispoken distances
Displacement in places foreign
Shores overseas mournings can't
Pay your fares in blood
Like soldiers kept
In lonesome distance
Level 4

So write it down and wash it out
This permanent ink
Won't reflect the
Lonesome we're feeding
And everyday is anything, but
Valentine's Day
Fuck it.

But moist eyelashes dry
And furrowed brows are
eventually caught smiling
And hardlines defy battlefields
Headlining traveled rail lines
Adding to places loved

Lodged in throats, notes
Fear in frame, photshoots
Wearing proud, these silver loops
It's not the world's
worst holiday, talking
mundanely in code
she'll hear you.

Written: October 4, 2007


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