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Impulsiveness is a Curse

So I have this friend who changes her mind about what she wants to do with her life just about every month or so. When we were younger, our only goal was to lean on each other for support, what was mine was hers and vice versa, that we had to like each other's boyfriends, and that nothing could stand in the way between our friendship. Well, we both "grew up," moved away from each other, in and out of chaotic times in our life, never able to establish steady plans to get together and reminisce about old times. Eventually, everything was rekindled -- we were going to school together, taking mutual classes, leaders of the same clubs, traveling the world. Our new mission: to save the world... together (though the idea really wasn't all that new). We talked about the Peace Corp and getting plopped somewhere in Africa living in some tattered hut living off strange porage and bugs, and eventually coming home worn and ragged; skin and bones.

That was about a year ago. Since …

Honest differences are often a healthy sign of progress

So 9 months later... seems to be the trend with myself and blogging. I always start all these random blogs to keep in touch with people I meet along the way and often time relations fade and I'm left with these empty skeletons of words floating about. Doesn't do much for my insecurity. I have a hard time accepting what I am writing at times, because I know that in a couple months I'll look back on how I felt and feel completely different about the situation. I like to call myself conditional... living day to day, with the world entirely wrapped around my heart. I can't admit that it's a good thing, especially when things go wrong, but I suppose if you cross my path at any particular moment you know I'm always true.

Someone made some comment to me today about appreciating life and the people in it. That it's really sad how no one ever works hard to maintain relations and that you only take time to work hard to savor something when your world is falling apart…