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Finished with Finish Line

Revised: 11-8-13

Close to a year ago I purchased my annual pair of Mizuno running shoes. They were the Mizuno Wave Creation 12, which I wrote about back in April 2011. It was my first time taking advantage of Finish Line's 15 Day Test Run offer, which is designed to allow you to purchase a pair of qualifying shoes and run in them for up to 15 days to then decide whether you are satisfied with your 15 day trial purchase. If you are not, you would think that the policy would allow you to return the shoes for your money back, but this is not the case. Your chance taken on a 15 day test trial running shoes is now treated as an exchange. This means, if you cannot find a proper replacement at Finish Line then your money must be spent in the store on other items. My experience may have been an isolated case at this particular store and its management (Sawgrass Mills, Sunrise, FL). After my 15 day trial, the store would not grant me a store credit to use at a later time. I had to use…


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My physical journey began on a shinkansen ("shink"--bullet train) from Okayama, Japan on the early morning of 14 November 2008, while heading east towards Osaka. Then, onto another train to Kansai International, where I caught a plane at 1:30 in the afternoon to arrive in Detroit, Michigan on that very same day--two hours earlier at 11:30am (talk about a mindfuck). From there it was on through Miami, Florida to depart at 7:50pm, to then land in Alajuela, Costa Rica by 9:40pm (which really ended up being after 11pm on account of delays) 14 November 2008 (sound familiar?). Indeed.

I decided to move to CR while I wa…