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Plan Your Escape

My entire immediate life fits in this ridiculous car (I assure you, this Fiat is a rental). As small as it is, it's just about the right size for packing your life into two large suitcases. This isn't the first time I've downsized my possessions in pursuit of happiness, nor will it be the last. Whether it be in pursuit of love, education, or career, I've learned that the most important possessions I have are the ones I do not keep.

Here on the Big Island of Hawaii, everyone is so nice. I mean, anyone is nice when compared to the people in Miami, FL. I've had quite a bit of luck, too. Taking a position with the National Park Service and having the privilege of working with some really amazing and passionate scientists from the island and abroad. Hawaii is such a unique little place slung out quite far into the Pacific Ocean. In fact, I didn't realize just how far away it was until I began considering the move. From Miami, Hawaii is 4,275 miles away. F…