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City Time Lapse

Meet Rob Whitworth. Below you will find a link to his Vimeo page, and here is a link to his photography.

Kuala Lumpur DAY-NIGHT from Rob Whitworth on Vimeo.
Also check out his incredible Shanghai and Ho Chi Minh City time lapse.

Open Letter

Dear Unnamed, December 2004,

I wish you only the best. It's time we go our separate ways. Life should be about growth and evolution of our self as a component to the present moment. For me, it has been a spiritual journey--becoming closer to the Earth and closer to my ability to cease an instance and create harmony reliant only upon itself. It's time you found comfort and satisfaction in your skin; within your new journey--despite all that has happened, and despite all you may still endure. The past is a circle that connects with the present and it is important that we find peace within that circle. That we take what was and what is and accept them as air; free to float about without dictation, influence or agenda.

This is your opportunity to start anew and create balance in a realm that maybe feels intimidating and uncomfortable. We think of others, often. Swear we need them, but it is not always so. Our ability to give stems from an inner stability that has created …