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Bahama Breeze

Greetings coming to you from the blue waters of The Bahamas. I've settled on Abaco Island for the past week and half, assisting in grad research for various projects including natural and artificial reefs, lionfish, ecological boundaries, and cassiopeia jellyfish. I am, once again humbled to be in such a place working alongside like-minded people and developing a new sense of being and existence. The ocean laps soothingly outside our steps and the breeze blows calmly through all openness that makes up our Abaco House. It is a privilege and an honor to be gaining such an experience, as I have said many times before.

Within the course of the weeks to come, projects will end and new ones will begin. The grad project that I am currently assisting with will be in its final stages, which involves the movement of lionfish amongst a handful of the thirty artificial and natural reef systems being monitored. The project has included lots of water time, initially pairing and categoriz…


Something you probably don't know about me: I used to be fearful of the deep blue sea. I used to visualize myself in those underwater capsules, mesmerized by the deep's bioluminescence--jellyfish, giant squid, anglers. I wanted to see it all in an underwater silent dance in blackness so unpenetrable and unseen. I wanted to be that girl. Can you believe I am going to be that girl?

I have waited a long time for this, but I never anticipated the pressure from the earth as the sky and the water lay heavy on soul. I never anticipated it's magnitude and it's greatness. Not this way. Last week I began my first sessions of PADI scuba certification. As of this past Friday, I am finally a certified PADI scuba diver.

Saturday I had a rough time equalizing my sinuses. But once on the bottom, I was in a pressure box of heaven. Nurse sharks, stingray, juvenile stripped angels, cobias. Breathing underwater is much different and I thought my athleticism would overpower the …