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With clay comes shape

ADD, ADHD, burn victims, the deaf, MS, the blind, OCD, obese, acrophobics, irrationals, internationals.

These are just a few of the types of people that I have worked with in my short time at camp. They have been challenges of mine; growing experiences. But I have to think of the hundreds of people that I have came across who have touched a part of me, given me something special to take home, and the gifts that I have shared with them. Through my exhaustingly long days, plowing through the mud and rain, sweat pouring from the brow, lacking a chance to sit down, or feed my rumbling stomach. Somehow, here I am making a difference. Aiding my thoughtful co-workers in our joint effort to protect and teach. Touching souls, saving lives, creating memories. This I must take away. This I must remember.

Never had I thought that being who I am, working at such a place would teach me so much about myself and others. Given me the ability to socially and physically adapt and connect. I …


A little more than a month ago I wrote a disgruntled plea-blog expressing my dissatisfaction with Nike and their seemingly inadequate products. And so, two weeks ago I made two separate claims to Nike regarding one broken Imara Strive Women's Running Watch, and one pair of prematurely sheared Zoom Victory Trainers in hopes that some kind of justice could be recompensed. Almost exactly a week after submitting my claims, I received a tiny package in the mail that, to my surprise, possessed one brand new Imara Strive Women's Running Watch. Since then I have had a new found respect for the company that has truthfully and astonishingly stood by their two-year product returns and replacements terms of service. But wait. It gets better. I returned home today to find in my mailbox a $100 gift voucher in compensation for my tattered shoes to be used on anything my heart desires at the store. And wouldn't you know that I already had a list waiting on my desk for a fe…

L'amour est bleu

God, I want this camera. But I just spent a chunk of my paycheck on tickets to Cirque du Soleil, and Nelson's Ledges Reggae Fest for my August festivities. Maybe on my next pay period? Really, the feeling of having a paying job now with insurance and extra little perks (like climbing, kayaking, zipping) has been a really gratifying thing. Especially now that I know what it feels like to be broke and inadequate.

Anyway, so back to this pretty little thing--the Panasonic Lumix G1 is sexy... and blue. Not to mention it possess a crapton of innovative features, gears, and gadgets. It is the world's first electronic viewfinder interchangeable lens camera. Utilizing the controversial micro four thirds system, the G1 has the capability to interchange lenses available from other manufacturers (here is a list of lenses that are compatible with the G1). The micro four thirds system also means it possess a smaller sensor, allowing for a smaller bodied camera that functions more li…