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"Don't you want to know what we could become?"

I have dire qualms with certain irregularities that surround my life. But it's not me this time. I promise.

There is this invisible manuscript I live my life by, through and through. An ever persistent moral obligation to make things right for humanity and for the world. My mind is hardwired on conservation principles--on using less and giving more; on reusing every possible piece of resource my fingertips lay their prints upon, or recycling what can be used no longer, or eating organic. I am tired of people wasting, and tired of being surrounded by those who front a faux face of humanitarian and environmentalism. These are principles I always believe in. No matter the circumstances.

With unemployment at an ultimate high, and the world economy in detrimental ruin, families have turned to more conventional means, perpetuating what ounce of dignity they have left. As Americans, the image as pilgrims and crusaders i…

The Ticonderoga

Old ship, give me your hands.
I'm the cape that came to crush and snag you on my sands.
Below the ocean, and from my point of view,
You were always drinking, and drunk well before noon,
And dreaming on my pillow of high tide.
But I'd allow you.

Old friend, give me back my hands.
I'm the crutch that's missing, and you're the crippled little lamb.
Those claws will get you; those teeth will take your life,
But you won't know what's missing.
This gift ain't giving. This wolf ain't worth the fight.