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Is it too soon to say...


I feel fortunate to have obtained a new and exciting high adventure position for a regionally well renowned camp in Oregonia, Ohio, called Camp Kern. I am currently working as a leadership coordinator for the leadership department, doing high and low ropes activities for various groups working on their character building, teamwork, problem solving, and communication skills. It has been a pleasure working with various age groups, and being a part of their individual challenges and personal growth. The opportunity has already given me extreme insight on some of my own personal development, and has been a significant aid in some well-accepted soul searching, as well. Never before have I been confident in saying that I love my job, I love the people I work with, and I am extremely happy to have found a place back home that gives me the inner stability I need to have a powerful purpose among the development of so many unique individuals.

In the past few weeks that I have been …


I've been dabbling my hand in a new project for quite some time now. A project I am calling kimesthetics. I've been making jewelry for many years now as gifts for loved ones. I've decided today is the day that I would like to share this gift with everyone. Enjoy.

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