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So, this is it...

"You've wanted to do this your whole life!"  It's ringing in my ears.  I think somewhere along the way, I had forgotten that, that is how I feel.  There has been too much "else" for me to remember that this is what I have always wanted for myself; that this is my dream.  Make no mistake.

So, tomorrow is the day.  At precisely 1:30pm (Japan time) I will journey halfway across the world to safely land in the heart of Central America--Playa Caletas, Costa Rica (near San Francisco de Coyote) to be exact.  Where I will live for three months doing what it is I love .  I'll be touching life; living in the wilderness.  In the sun; in the warmth.  I have always wanted to live on the beach.  See the sunset every evening over the ocean.

This is an opportunity for me to begin my career.  I feel very fortunate for that.  And if, by chance, I cannot see myself doing any of these things in the future, I will, at the very least, leave this experience with amazing memor…


Pictures up of greasers and wheelers in Okayama, train rides to Takamatsu, and intricacy and precision in Ritsurin. All can be found in the "Seasonal JP Scenery" album.