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¡Aquí vengo!

JANUARY 13, 2009
It is funny. When I first got to Costa Rica I was ever so cautious of impurities. Careful not to swallow the water as I brushed my teeth. Careful not to touch anything more than I needed to in the shower, in the bread store, on the bus. Even the grocery to me in Alajuela felt tainted, and there was no way that I was going to consider eating from an exposed mound of complimentary brown and bruised bananas and crumby white loaf bread at the hotel in San José.

Since I have been here in Caletas, all of these preconceived ideas of impurities have been diminished. We wash our dishes with sometimes foul-smelling well water. The dishes are hardly ever really clean, sitting out in the open air just like everything else at camp. Leftovers sit out uncovered, or saran wrapped in above normal temperatures for a day and we still eat them. Our hands and nails are always dirty from digging in the sand, using the "facilities," and digging up rotting turtle eggs. Often they a…


JANUARY 12, 2009
I walked into town today for probably the last time. This assuming that I can get a ride from Stephanie with my bags on the early morning of the 15th. I was able to get almost everything I wanted to get for my family, minus some coconut bars and some granola that I think tastes like Smacks cereal. Maybe others will trail into town before departure and they can get them for me. Here is a recipe I found for coconut bars (everyone's ultimate favorite thing), just in case they are not at the supermercado:
2 eggs, well beaten2 cups brown sugar1/2 tsp vanillasalt to taste2 cups shredded coconut1/2 cup chopped walnuts (optional)
Combine the ingredients in bowl, in the order given. Pour into 8" sq. pan. Bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 minutes. Cool slightly, then cut into bars.
The ABCs of Camp Cooking is where I got this recipe. We have it in our makeshift bookshelf and refer to it occasionally, except that we can't get all of the ingredients here. …


JANUARY 11, 2009

Go home and listen to more blues.

The Beatles, Grateful Dead, Eric Calpton, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Bonnie Raitt, BB King, John Hiat, Buddy Guy, Susan Tedeschi...

Loquat, Citizen Cope, Wild Sweet Orange, Margot, Fountains of Wayne, Sheerwood, Jack's...

Imogen Heap, Tegan and Sara, Feist, An Horse, Brandi Carlisle, Death Cab, Thievery Corporation, MGMT

Brett Denon, Ray La Montagne... Jolene... because we all still don't know what love means. [<--Previous Day] [Next Day-->]

Sparkling light

JANUARY 9, 2009
I just had a dream about going to the salad bar with my family. Heaven. And there was amaretto pound cake. I could taste it.

I had some other interesting dreams last night. I was hanging out at a gay rights rally and it was supposedly the last night before an issue passed that wouldn't allow them to marry. So everyone that came to the rally participated in a marriage ceremony and was given a marriage license. It was wonderful. Also, with the position of the Earth that time of year, the Hubble telescope was apparently floating around in outer space in a way that allowed it to float down to Earth as if there was no atmosphere present. It felt like we were so close to the sky. I watched it bob around, spurring streamers of sparkling light that were the same colors as the parrot feather I picked up the other day--black, bright green, and indigo. The occasion disrupted the rally briefly, but once the Hubble telescope floated back up into space, the rally was d…

Sad Truth

JANUARY 8, 2009
I went over to another beach today that Margarita and Natalia discovered. They call it the Secret Beach, "La Playa Secreta" because the only way to get to it, besides over rocks at low tide, is through the tall grass and brush off the path that we take to the jungle. It was beautiful down there. Just a small patch of sand stopped by rocks on each side and backed by steep cliffs and the path that lead down. The sand was a different color, and the trees rooted out of the ground and from the sides of the cliffs like dense vines. There were ferns and cacti, too. I wanted to spend the afternoon there, quietly with my writing; quietly to myself. And such it was, until a fisherman came over around the rocky bend to fish off the other side.

We made small talk. He said he was fishing and that he knew very little English. I said that I worked with the turtles and knew little Spanish. And so, he shook my hand and said, "Amigos?" and I said, "…

Simple and Beautiful

JANUARY 6, 2009
I went into town yesterday for a break. I didn't tell anyone that I did so that I could cut my compy time, but Sarah met up with me later. I was only on for about an hour and ten, checking email, checking facebook. I keep forgetting to check one of my email accounts. My mom has hardly written, which surprises me. I think maybe she would rather talk to me on the phone. I've completely avoided getting a phone card here. I'm not opening that can of worms.

After the internet, I picked a few things to take back to Japan. There aren't many suveneirs here in this remote town, so I picked up local food items. Alec was going to bring us PRETOMA shirts from San José, but has not done so yet. I also checked on other food items I would like to get for my parents, Jeff and Heather. These include things like Guava jellies, Salsa Lizano, habanero and jalapeño sauce, coconut bars, plantain chips. Not sure what else; I am so limited with space, weight and m…

Cacahuete II

JANUARY 5, 2009

Meet Maggie's fat puppy, Cacahuete.
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Keep coming back

JANUARY 4, 2009
Today was another one of those gratifying days where some one specific has touched my heart. He's a Tico with Indian grandparents. He lives in Chicago though and moved all around the big cities in the states to find a place. He thanked me for coming to his country and doing this. He thanked me from the bottom of his heart, wished good things for my family, and even said "arigato gozaimasu". It is the people that make a place. It doesn't have to come from the people that I am living with here, but for it to come from the people that keep coming back, it really means so much more. Thank you for this day. [<--Previous Day] [Next Day-->]


JANUARY 2, 2009
So last night was kind of nuts. It was my night off, and we had turtles that needed to go down to 32, so I walked with the S patrol. I dropped them off, and took a nest and a bucket from the patrol to carry back for them. I took some time for myself, laying on this flat piece of driftwood that I like to visit to look up at the stars and moon. I had a lot on my mind and laid there a good 30 minutes before I felt like I had gotten most of it out. Let it go. So I walked back in peace, got to camp and set the nest in the hatchery. As soon as I had finished, Miguel comes running down, "We must go! There is a Baula at 40! We have to run!" A Baula is a leatherback. That's right! So I put on my shoes and we ran to 40--about 2 km south.

She was there and she was enormous, though Miguel said she was small for her size; 146cm long is all that I recall. She kept moving up and down the beach, a total of 4 times with 4 holes that she had dug. She looke…


JANUARY 1, 2009
It's 2009. I wish that I could be spending this day with my mom.

Alec brought us chickens again. This time, they were frozen. There is a straggler staying with us now from New Orleans. He's 75 (or so), dislikes America, and is biking across CR for 6 months to explore the country and find a new place to settle down. He made us jambalaya for dinner, that I don't think is very jambalaya'y, but respect to him.

I don't forsee myself writing much in the next two'ish weeks. Paper is low and the excitement here has mostly vanished from everyone.

Crepes this morning. Bring in the New Year. I have mine with Nutella. Resolutionless. Once a year resolutions are for those who need a day just to get their lives straight. We should always be so conscious. [<--Previous Day] [Next Day-->]