Sparkling light

JANUARY 9, 2009

I just had a dream about going to the salad bar with my family. Heaven. And there was amaretto pound cake. I could taste it.

I had some other interesting dreams last night. I was hanging out at a gay rights rally and it was supposedly the last night before an issue passed that wouldn't allow them to marry. So everyone that came to the rally participated in a marriage ceremony and was given a marriage license. It was wonderful. Also, with the position of the Earth that time of year, the Hubble telescope was apparently floating around in outer space in a way that allowed it to float down to Earth as if there was no atmosphere present. It felt like we were so close to the sky. I watched it bob around, spurring streamers of sparkling light that were the same colors as the parrot feather I picked up the other day--black, bright green, and indigo. The occasion disrupted the rally briefly, but once the Hubble telescope floated back up into space, the rally was due to come to a close. I wandered around the booths for some freebies, where I then stumbled upon an international food market. It was a lot like Jungle Jim's, but with international vendors in designated sections. I found a sushi restaurant, but was still full from whatever I ate at the salad bar. I walked by a fruit display and there were chunks of fruit on long wooden kabobs where I plucked a gigantic strawberry. The hostess was Japanese, as was everyone inside. I greeted and thanked them in Japanese and I remember being very excited to taste sashimi, which I have been craving here among other Japanese favorites. I am still looking forward to going back and finding some much needed consistency.
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