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Edible Miami and Hare Krishna

I did not know much about Hare Krishna until just recently, when Edible Miami was invited to join a small group of devotes at a Hare Krishna temple called Yoga Inbound in Miami. What a treat. We were there to help construct a community garden for the center, where future ecology classes could take place, and care could be administered by their traveling guests. Our experience with our new friends was very welcoming and warm, as we were guided through their purposeful and tropical courtyard, which was filled with an array of orchids, bromeliads, ferns, a live oak tree we estimated as over 80 years old, and sacred plants, like the tulsi (sacred basil).

The master guru there told us that he wanted to "walk the walk" and "complete the circle." Hare Krishnas eat a respectful vegetarian diet and devote a great amount of appreciation towards the respect of animals and the life behind the food that provides them nourishment. Walking the walk means that having a garde…