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Love Actually

It´s Christmas time... right? Hard to tell with all of this blazing heat down here. The most I´ve seen of Christmas is a color-faded Santa head plastered on some old barn I saw on a random outing. That, and Love Actually. One of the people here brought her computer along with a few select DVDs. This, of course, includng Love Actually, which I watched for the first time last Christmas. Regretfully, I don´t remember much about it. Except that it´s a romantic comedy with quite a bit of cheese. And that kid that irritates the crap out of me only because I don´t enjoy watching kid actors act like adults. No, Christmas this year is just not the same, and for the past few weeks, it´s been starting to really get to me.

When I applied to Pretoma back in March, I had applied for the field position beginning in June (a.k.a. the rainy season). To my surprise, I was offered the position here for November (a.k.a. the dry season). In April, when I accepted, I had nothing to lose. Thankfu…

Who needs tryptophan in times like these?

Written: November 27, 2008

Dear Friends/Family,

I am stiff, sore, sleep deprived, and exhausted... but I am alive. And tan. On this early morning of Thanksgiving, I am watching our walking trash compactors (a.k.a. hermit crabs and jackolantern crabs) move about in herds across the sandy terrain of the kitchen/common area. Though, by the time I type this, I will have made the two hour/9K trek into town to pound some keys at the Coyote internet cafe. I am thankful today to think of all of you, and how you will be spending this evening together in each other´s company.

I am still patiently waiting to have more positive things to say about this experience, but we are shorthanded, and I am far too tired to think much farther beyond my airline pillow, and my mosquito net covered bed. Yesterday was my first full night´s sleep. It felt amazing. The common trend, so far, has been 2-3 hours at strange intervals of the day. I am almost always awake by 7:30am, regardless of how many hours…