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A Dash: Lesser Birds

The Next Rachel Carson: Channeling Silent Spring

"Never get lost in the science of it all. Get lost in that moment, in the motive of the good; the greater good that fights for the majority and not the selected few."
Today my boss engaged me in that big question of life: What is it that you want to do with your degree? Obviously graduate school is next. And I stammered through proposal ideas like monitoring corporate manufacturing or residential run-off into ecological systems and how we can use this information to curb their dirty (and cheap) manufacturing practices through protection of local plant and animal species affected by toxic seepage.

And then I paused, "But I want to move away from ecology. I want to do things that will make a difference and initiate the change of human practice. Just not through ecology--I don't want to study one thing forever."

Uh oh. Move away from ecology? My desires are not a secret. I'm a conservationist at heart; an environmental protectionist, or shepherd, …