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Those sorry devils

The following blog is in reference to the Russia-Georgia (most recently recognized by Russia as South Ossetia and Abkhazia) conflict:

I was not as particularly alarmed yesterday after hearing that the Russian President, Dmitry Medvedev stated he was not afraid of the prospects of a "new Cold War," though he assured listeners that actions to initiate one were not currently on his agenda. But after reading this article today, I must say that I am quite perplexed and a little concerned. I understand that the "Big Bad United States" finds it necessary to push around their power clout in the name of delusionally-feverish idiocracy democracy, but to deliver humanitarian aid to Georgia upon the U.S. missile destroyer, USS McFaul into Batumi, is a little fucking sour. What the hell is wrong with you, Washington? A battleship?!?  President Medvedev is not dumb, and he apparently is not afraid of anything either. Robert Gates is just asking to get us smashed.

Something, al…

City Workers

With a little time left before I had to be back from lunch, I sat in the post office parking lot and decided to finish the rest of my lunch I had packed, while on the run. "A Decade Under the Influence" came on the radio. Nodding my head, I watched a yellow city truck pull up, as its tires slowly crept their way over the curb, to land on a grassy knoll outside the park restrooms. The street is only 15 feet away, though I suppose in comparison to other people's jobs and the shortcuts they create for an efficient workday, driving over and parking on planted environments is perfectly fine, as long as it makes the job easier. This is a stereotype, but a rather widely known one--certain city workers have a knack for sacrificing quality in the wake of quantity--quantity being the number of hours they get to sit around on their butts all day, smoking cigarettes, making crude comments to passing teenage girls, and bitching about their girlfriends/wives.

So I proceeded to watch…

For Emma


Washed Out

I have posted some **updates to a previous blog.
I don't have the energy to write a formal blog on the amount of stress and worry all of this has caused me.  Certain test results might just be the deciding factor... but for now, I really don't know what to think about it.