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The Truth

**updated June 26, 2010
I am completely disappointed. I posted the below video yesterday of a testimony from a Venice, Louisiana local who had inside access to all practices of BP officials at ground zero during the clean up. It was some of the most detailed, graphic, shocking information the world has had the privilege of hearing, and I really am rather appalled that it has been pulled from YouTube. I'll do my best to try and find it again.

** I've found the video from an alternate source. If it disappears again, stay tuned for my upcoming editorial.

This new information about the BP oil "spill" is not only shocking, it is so very sickening.

Monroe County is currently working on a constitutional ban of offshore drilling for the entire state of Florida. I have no doubt that it will pass, as ocean conditions will only begin to worsen overtime. If you agree with this proclamation, I ask you to visit to sign this petition.

I understand that many peopl…

Saludos de Miami

Erica along Biscayne Bay at FIU
Tomorrow will be my first official and complete week living in Miami and it's been pretty dang swell. Technically, I live in Hallandale Beach, just a mere 7 minute walk to the sandy shores, and a 30 minute drive to downtown Miami (not to mention, 50 miles from the Bahamas!). I have spent the past week unpacking and organizing, and even though everything had a neat little place at the start, my room is already a total disaster. I keep thinking that if I obtain more functional furniture that my space won't be such a mess... but this is doubtful.

Erica traveled the 1,100+ miles down with me to stay for a few days. It was great to have familiar companionship and an excellent navigator during my neurotic attempts of driving in Miami traffic. I never could have done it without her. While she was here, we had the opportunity to visit many great places that I might otherwise not have had the opportunity to be introduced to so soon. One of my favo…

I came in this way and here now I'll stay

"Why do you always leave?"
"Because I like it that way. I like to love from afar, I guess. And I like to love fully."

How can you not love someone as much as you do when they are so far away? I have no idea... I really have no idea what love is really like, anyway. You'd think I would know by now...

I have made it down to Miami, and I am absolutely astounded by the amount of joy I am contained with. It's not that I love this place, or the people, or the spilled drinks on my jeans, as Jersey girls trying to do their reckless drunken choreographed dance on the patio of Coyotes Bar. I think what I admire most is the plumby cumulonimbus clouds, the water, and the fast-passed crowd. In due time, it will all get old and I will then be in search of something new, once again. But until then, I am happy to be here... but I wish my people were here with me to bask in my joy. For it is them, that gives me the most...

Today, Erica and I had a fine time by the poo…

Save Our Shores

Since the catastrophic BP oil rig explosion in the Gulf of Mexico on April 20, 2010, millions of gallons of toxic poison have spewed into our precious internationally shared waterway. Controversy seems never-ending between fishermen, locals, BP, and government officials, and justifiably so. Not to mention the rest of us are pretty raging pissed about it, too. You can view its seeping path of destruction on CNN's website, here.

Debating control and blame on the spill has been both exhausting and unavailing. I have done my best at avoiding much of the news coverage on the progression of the "spill". Blame the sprawling catastrophe on inaccurate leakage statistics from BP or their failure to implement appropriate safety precautions in the first place; blame the government for "not doing enough", or whatever righteous argument you feel the first amendment has appointed to you. There is truth in saying that talking gets you somewhere, but sometimes talk alone …