I came in this way and here now I'll stay

"Why do you always leave?"
"Because I like it that way. I like to love from afar, I guess. And I like to love fully."

How can you not love someone as much as you do when they are so far away? I have no idea... I really have no idea what love is really like, anyway. You'd think I would know by now...

I have made it down to Miami, and I am absolutely astounded by the amount of joy I am contained with. It's not that I love this place, or the people, or the spilled drinks on my jeans, as Jersey girls trying to do their reckless drunken choreographed dance on the patio of Coyotes Bar. I think what I admire most is the plumby cumulonimbus clouds, the water, and the fast-passed crowd. In due time, it will all get old and I will then be in search of something new, once again. But until then, I am happy to be here... but I wish my people were here with me to bask in my joy. For it is them, that gives me the most...

Today, Erica and I had a fine time by the pool, watching the rolling thunderheads creep from afar. The lightening was particularly amazing as we watched, listening to Mishka's, "Above the Bones." I particular enjoyed the older gentleman in his speedo, floating humbly around on his blow-up raft from deep to shallow end.

Later was thrift shopping for odds and ends, and visit to FIU, and a grub at my first regretful buffet in over years. Vino wine bar, peruse around Hollywood, grape flavored swisher sweets, snacks and bed. I guess it looks like I just may be blogging more regularly. God, I hope this doesn't turn into an actual blog.

Hasta mañana. Buenas noches desde Miami.


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