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It's this place, where everything makes sense. Where your heart feels totally at ease and the comfort of your surroundings leave no question of where you are or where you want to be. It's within your soul, gently reminding, leaving little notes around for you to find them later; hidden in pages and envelopes, under clocks, or wrapped in warm sweaters. It's the sweet smell of skin, so divine and real. It's silver rings blocked out in pattern, mingling in diversity and how well they exist together in rhythm. It loves the earth, and it loves the sky... for they are both the same, no matter where you temporarily inhabit for however little time is left. It's grace within this strength, that holds a place for those waiting to bring worlds together. It's a permanent place, always existing... just maybe not always existing in the physical.

Truly... it's where the heart is.

Desperate Comfort

Steam shatty American-brand medium grain rice.
Roll shatty American-brand rice in Japanese toasted seaweed.
Dip in Japanese soy sauce.


Ancient Dreams

I just remembered this interesting dream I had last night while listening to Bonobo - Recurring.

My brother and mother were there. I was staying with elders on some sort of spiritual journey to learn about something that had happened in the past or another sector of the spectrum that living beings are not a part of. An old box, things uncovered by a small fire, bundled up in my lonesomeness, a small, and old lawn chair. There was a fence there -- wire and we were careful not to get caught as we passed back and forth. It was low to the ground, rusted. Torn off from it's rotting posts. "Decide... decide.... Decide what is of value to you and take it. The rest is to be buried in the morning."

It was dreary, cold. That feeling you get at dusk and after when everything is still and you can't help, but have wet sneakers from the occurring dew.

The fire is dying down. 'Rest. You can make your final decision in the morning.'

The twitter of flame dies to a dwindl…

I can't wait!

The new album hits store February 5, 2008 :)

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I need a new book to read. Any suggestions? The Road? Kite Runner? Water for Elephants? Anybody? Anybody at all? Does anybody know the answer???

You know, something outlandish. Maybe a little love and deceit, death and mystery. Lots of profanity and deeply bizarre, and strangely embarrassing antics you'd only get to hear in the confessional secrets of someone's conscious. I need something raw and real... give it to me; I demand it.

Across oceans and mountains, and sadly, back again...

I have arrived back from Japan, though I feel too far from home now. It was amazing and I am missing it every moment of the day there is to long and ask for it back. I couldn't have asked for anything better.

We biked the countryside (and I did my absolute best for my first 30 mile hike up and down mountains), had a few traditional dinners with friends. I met some wonderful people as expected, and everyday was the time of my life. Christmas Eve he had reservations for us to go to this private shabu-shabu restaurant, where the two of us cozzied together at the chabudai table, intimately sipping almost too many gin and tonics, ecstatic that I was almost cooking something on my own. Christmas morning was filled with wrapping paper strewn across the floor, our digital Christmas tree image fittingly downloaded onto his PS3. Our gifts to each other were ironic to say the least, but the ultimate gift will forever be getting to spend Christmas together in Japan.

We walked or rode almost e…