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Sustainability: Plastics

Image Source: Plastic Problems : How Do Plastic Bags Affect Our Environment?
I had started this project last week, but since plastic has come up in several conversations recently (this one being the coolest, by far), it must be a sign that plastic is on peoples' minds. Consider the plastic in your life, please. It's quite astounding once you realize how prevalent it has become. In many ways, plastic has benefited our lives greatly by making the things we use lighter, cheaper and more convenient. It's brought us portable music, cool ways to organize our space, carry things with us, communicate. It's even been a leading element in saving lives. Plastic is cool, right? Cool like Katy Perry.

Plastic is created from various combinations of petrochemicals to make polymers that are derived from the mining of petroleum. Deriving items from hydrocarbons not only supports the domestic and foreign reliance on a finite resource (finite, based on the rate of human consumptio…

Miami's Dreaded Dredging Proposal

I have still been working on my 'Accountability' project each week, but I haven't had much time to get certain editorials down in text.  Here is a photo from the Port of Miami shipping yard at Government Cut.  In December I hope to catch up with a few stories, one of them being about the amount of exports that come into Miami, where all of this stuff is going, who's in on the profits and proposals, including a proposed bill to dredge Biscayne Bay in order to remain a prominent figure in the international trade market.  This dredging is in response to the proposed Panama Canal Expansion Project, expected for completion by 2015.  What you maybe haven't heard is the extreme detriment that Miami's dredging proposal will have on biodiversity in Biscayne Bay, the Florida Keys Marine Sanctuary, and the commercial fishing industry, itself.  Please stay tuned to learn more about how these topics are connected and what this will mean to the future of Miami, Florida.

This …