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Casa Caletas Resort Owner Destroys Caletas, Poisons Wildlife, & Harasses Volunteers

Two years ago I lived on a small beach called, Playa Caletas located near the quaint town, San Francisco de Coyote in Costa Rica. I worked/volunteered for the nonprofit group, Pretoma with a group of 6 other dedicated and passionate volunteers who were equally present for one central reason--to save endangered sea turtles. We weren't paid, we didn't have running water, or much electricity casted from our tiny LED light powered for three hours each evening by solar energy collected from the day. We didn't have convenient ways of calling home, or obtaining food, nor did we rarely have transportation other than our feet. But we had each other, our camp dog protectors, and we had a well. One shallow freshwater well that was meant to last groups through the rainy season and part of the dry season. That was until an evil man named Sylvester Fiechtinger ordered his henchmen to destroy it.

Before I even get to this point, let me give you a quick run down of the things that h…