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Kill Team

3rd Bravo Company United States Marines--reason number 1,593,589,348 why we need to pull out of Afghanistan (and all of these other locations).

Once I digress about my interpretation of the US military and all world organizations trained in the art of killing, below you will find a link to an article from this week's Rolling Stones about a group of men from the 3rd Bravo Company of the United States Marines, deployed in Afghanistan and conjured up a scheme to kill innocent Afghan civilians for pleasure on a continuous basis. This is not the only time this has happened.

I am not a fan of the military. There have been maybe two moments in my life where I took pride in certain soldiers. My grandfather on my mother's side from the USAF (formed as a separate branch of the military on September 18, 1947 under the National Security Act of 1947), and my grandfather on my father's side from the US Armed Forces. One fought in combat, and displayed his WWII rifles in a dust case in…


This is definitely the most amazing thing this week.

Life's a Beach

The life of a beach-goer is an interesting and unique fellowship had by all that love the sun, the ocean, and the sand. There are, of course, different kinds of beach-goers. There are ones that show up with umbrellas and chairs, others with coolers full of beer and Italian water, or plastic baggies full of fruit and cheese. There are the ones that show up in big floppy hats, equally large sunglasses and frilly little wraps. The ones with frisbees and footballs, cameras, backpacks, boogie boards, and kites. The European men with tiny white hotel towels, speedos to match and cigarettes. Some of my favorites are these people:

The ones that bring everything they need to set up camp in a tight-knit circle of umbrella love everyday, all day long. You can never miss them. The most loyal of all beach-goers.

Typically, when I make my way to the beach it remains as uncomplicated as possible. Mismatched bikini-check, sunscreen-check, towel-check; camera, wallet, phone, music--if I rememb…

Da Bomb

Remember the TOMS project I was telling you about? Last Friday my individually specialized TOMS arrived and ever since I have been wearing the 'ish out of them.

The TOMS that I choose, cordones in a rustic Kenyan strip fabric, are equipped with specially designed base padding that is form fitting to the user (i.e. me). I had never owned a pair of cordones before and have no prior experience as to how the shoe fits, but from my understanding, the soles of each TOMS are practically identical regardless of the style. In comparison to my vegan classics, thus far there is a subtle difference in the padding afoot, though more wear time needs to be had for further and more in-depth analysis.
In the meantime, if you are still interested in experiencing you're own specially designed and form fitting pair of TOMS, please refer to my original post with all of the project details and contact information. You can find this post here. There are certain guidelines for the project, all…