Kill Team

3rd Bravo Company United States Marines--reason number 1,593,589,348 why we need to pull out of Afghanistan (and all of these other locations).

Once I digress about my interpretation of the US military and all world organizations trained in the art of killing, below you will find a link to an article from this week's Rolling Stones about a group of men from the 3rd Bravo Company of the United States Marines, deployed in Afghanistan and conjured up a scheme to kill innocent Afghan civilians for pleasure on a continuous basis. This is not the only time this has happened.

I am not a fan of the military. There have been maybe two moments in my life where I took pride in certain soldiers. My grandfather on my mother's side from the USAF (formed as a separate branch of the military on September 18, 1947 under the National Security Act of 1947), and my grandfather on my father's side from the US Armed Forces. One fought in combat, and displayed his WWII rifles in a dust case in the basement. The nobility of honoring and respecting your country was admirable, but the brainwashing of soldiers to hunt humans like prey and the psychological training to kill, is not.

I understand it, even more than I did, after knowing well a retired Marine highly trained in the art of killing. He showed me how he learned to kill with knives, guns, and even his own hands. He felt skilled and prepared. Sometimes, I think he even thought that hurting and killing people was funny. This is what the US military teaches our young men and women to do onto others. As military instructors publicly embarrass cadets on a continual basis in front of their peers. They encourage homosexual behavior, starve them, degrade them, deprive them of sleep, give them silly little tasks to break their souls, and tell them that if they can't cut it they are faggots. There was even a cadet that died in his sleep from the hazing from his superiors.

The purpose of said hazing is a psychological mind game meant to teach cadets to rely on each other in difficult situations. The cadets became reliant on each other to get through the day. They conjured up schemes to steal crackers from the chow hall, mastered tasks through repetition, and yearned to receive praise and recognition from their instructors as they properly initiated a successful "direct kill" with live ammunition. One taught killing maneuver was to grab a person from behind, blocking the trachea and oxygen to the brain in a death hold that killed in under 8 seconds. They practiced on each other and were told to "let go at 6 seconds, just to be safe."

Even though I am not a fan of war and all of the death and destruction that comes with, I do find human behavior fascinating. But my fascination with movements of a killing force stops rigid long before the line of nationalism or personal agenda. If history has taught us anything, it is that humans and weapons do not mix, and that violence easily flows in the veins of fanatics.

With that, I will leave you to Rolling Stones latest publication, "The Kill Team" and allow you to make your own interpretations on hate, war, murder/pleasure killings, organized militaries, foreign involvement, etc., etc.


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