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Magic City Farewells

A few days left in Abaco where shortly I will return home to yet another forthcoming farewell. My last nights of organized bike clamor and reckless unknowns. Such is life, it seems--as goodbyes lead to next hellos, they say.

My time back in Abaco has been elevating. Work spread out between hiking out to far away mangrove estuaries through sharp rocky terrain, mangrove mud, and waist to neck high murky waters filled with cassiopeia jellyfish, the surprise frolicking sea turtle, school masters, and nurse sharks. Sorting through cassiopeia pens, 40 exactly, set up by our PhD marine biologist, Betsy. Trap setting, and benthic sampling is our specialty. Mud mashing, and mantis shrimp squealing. Foul mouth talk and show tunes. We're going to miss this.

My main project here is with our PhD marine biologist, Lauren--grunt fish on artificial reefs set out over a year ago in front of the house. We've had many cute critters caught, handled and tagged. This week, the weather ha…

Throw it out


Abaco Island 2012

Back in the field doing what we do...

Lauren tagging white grunts Betsy & Joey

Pitho Crab
Portuguese man-of-war sting
I've only been back in Abaco a week and I've already been stung by a Portuguese man-of-war, saw a seven foot nurse shark, almost got stuck by a two foot remora, had a water spout come down 100 meters from our boat, and eaten my weight in carbs. Stay tuned for our progress.

How I love the Earth...

Much more than I love others, and I really do love and care for people an enormous amount. But I definitely do not care for all people. People like capitalist-mongers that gain from the exploitation of their clientele and nonfinitely raw materials. Where with increased population, the client has indeed become the most abundant of resource and the goal to create consumerist addictions and win-over interests (implanted by industry) is the only mission. As the consumer, we have become distracted by excessive advertising and entertainment; foods, fashion, HGtv, American sports and fountain-of-youth beauty care products have captivated us in such a way that the utopian image is no longer defined by plush green landscapes and clean air sparked by the industrial era. No. Utopia today is defined by the concept of having it all, or having it your way. But do you really, and what does that mean to you? Do you gain happiness through the pleasure of others, or is it at their expense? Hav…