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Hallandale Beach Development

What's going on at Hallandale Beach?
If you live near the water tower at Hallandale Beach, or take your family here on weekend outings or summer vacations, you might have noticed a lot of recent development. For the last year or two it was the construction of the new high rise just North of the water tower. Now it is a new shopping outlet and concessions area, as you will read below.

When I first moved to the area in 2010, I spent a lot of my time at this beach mainly because it was within walking distance and because there was a cool cafe that had an authentic beachy feel. It was fun to meet with friends and grab a beer and a bite to eat after swimming or basking in the sun all day. I understand the appeal to having infrastructure like this near the beach. My main concern is the removal of shoreline native plants that help buffer the coastline from storms (and storm surges), in addition to the knowledge of rising sea levels and the poor planning towards a changing future. …

Life in Progress: Out of Order

Take 30.

I'd like to think that I dedicate no more than a reasonable amount of thought into wondering if I am living my life "out of order." You know, living haphazardly amongst the masses who have or are experiencing life through its modern progressive order, i.e. graduating from college, landing a career job, getting married, buying a house, having kids, going on family vacations, sending your kids off through those very same steps, and then retiring (happily ever after, at some point). I've only accomplished one of these things at the spry age of 30 and I feel pretty damn good about that, but I can't help to sometimes feel uneasy, like I am missing out on these magical connections people are having with each other.

Everyone assigns different values to their idea of 'success', and for many, perhaps it follows that same sort of set guidelines described above as personal margins of accomplishment. I'm almost certain that when my childhood expectati…