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**Gut Instincts

**In case you do not read my shared items to the right, here is a science medicine article that I found significant to all of us**

June, 2008 - From Scientific American

Jeremy Nicholson's Gut Instincts: Researching Intestinal Bacteria
The body and its intestinal flora produce chemicals with hidden health information, Jeremy Nicholson has found. Someday treating disease may mean treating those bacteria

By Melinda Wenner

Editor's Note: The extended Q&A with Jeremy Nicholson mentioned in the July magazine can be found here.

Jeremy Nicholson was only trying to be thorough. It was 1981, and the young biochemist was using a technique called nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, which can identify chemicals based on the magnetic properties of atomic nuclei. In particular, Nicholson wanted to study how red blood cells absorb cadmium, a metal that causes cancer. Realizing that he would achieve the best results if he could mimic the cells' natural environment, he added a few drop…

Now I'm no Jackanory, but this is allegory

This morning's run was intense. It wasn't quite as hot as it felt, but shade was limited and the route was new. Still, it was lovely. I like running alone and along water. Along the river, over and under rusty bridges and train tracks. I counted ten uprooted, and rather large trees that had been swept downstream; stuck teetering over the waterfall, waiting for one more hard rain to wash them further down. The sound was amazing--though I've never dodged so much smelly, green goose poo in my life. Trying to pay attention to where I stepped and steady pace.

Take a left down Helena. Past the hoards of screaming kids playing in the water play park; the smell of potent chlorine. Picnic tables and colorful balloons endlessly tied at every covered territory; reserved for people not even there. Reminding me of bloc parties we used to have in McBurney, or Harmon Park.

There were unintentional detours; dodging baby strollers through the Riverside projects--only there for a min…


Why is it that we get so stuck in routine? Stuck on a path that loops back to where we first began? Why do we keep living the same lives over and over again, searching? 20-24 lives in a time... a quarter lifetime wasted over almost 25 years. Don't we owe it to ourselves to do something different? Not the different that just ends up being the same--same outcome, same feelings as a result. Something different that makes us feel alive, and keeps us there. Is there such a thing? I think we owe it to our selves to find out. How can we live on such parallels, all miserable at different times or not? Like train tracks that run alongside each other for far too long. Make them collide.

How can we live our lives in routine? How can we keep doing this for everyone else, but ourselves? This is the time. This is the time where we can make it begin. Before it's too late and before there is no ending. You can do anything, and nothing else will matter.

How can we glide around …

These shoes are $300

Two more weeks...

I've been wanting to write something for awhile in reflection of my college career. As some of you may know, my 6 year college career is coming to a close in less than two weeks. I'm not sure how I really feel about that quite yet, but I do know that on June 14, 2008 at 10:00 AM, I am going to probably be more grateful than I have ever been in my entire life. I could never thank my parents enough, for helping me to achieve the gift of a college degree. They have put up with so much crap from and for me in this time.
In the past 6 years, I have gone to 3 different colleges, switched my major 5 times (counting dropping my Spanish minor), moved all my things to new living spaces 7, soon to be 8 times to new locations.
They have put up with my bad grades, dropped classes, and time off to get my head straight from aggressive roommates and legal disputes.
They have helped to babysit my second stray kitty I brought home, Makita (a.k.a. Mmkay, Bubbalow, MKK, ChicaChica, and the occas…