Why is it that we get so stuck in routine? Stuck on a path that loops back to where we first began? Why do we keep living the same lives over and over again, searching? 20-24 lives in a time... a quarter lifetime wasted over almost 25 years. Don't we owe it to ourselves to do something different? Not the different that just ends up being the same--same outcome, same feelings as a result. Something different that makes us feel alive, and keeps us there. Is there such a thing? I think we owe it to our selves to find out. How can we live on such parallels, all miserable at different times or not? Like train tracks that run alongside each other for far too long. Make them collide.

How can we live our lives in routine? How can we keep doing this for everyone else, but ourselves? This is the time. This is the time where we can make it begin. Before it's too late and before there is no ending. You can do anything, and nothing else will matter.

How can we glide around this world as ghosts? How can we feel like we have no place when maybe we've felt it before, but lost it? Pick it up. How can we just give in and give up; give away our hearts and everything that makes us? How can we live through substitutes when there is not a one. Material bliss won't fix it. Sandy beaches won't fix it. New anythings won't fix it... until you find it. Find it. Find it again. I can't do it alone. Eating me alive; it's eating me alive. Building up inside me like I have enough to command; standing alone and demanding life gives me what I deserve. Waiting for something drastic. Make it happen.

I hear sirens.


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