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Happy 39th Earth Day!

At this time last year, I was enthusiastically accepting a volunteer position with PRETOMA for a two month adventure in Costa Rica, living on the beautiful beach of Playa Caletas, saving endangered sea turtles. And as of late, it has been almost all that has been on my mind. Disappointingly, this year I spent the day helping my father paint the ceiling of my parent's lake house on Rocky Fork Lake. Quite a contrast, but the paint was low-fume and green ehrm, I mean white. Whatever. There was no doubt that I still had my dear Mother Earth on my mind, as always.

I'd never say that I've lost my environmental spirit. I don't think that, that is something that is remotely possible--my love for the environment has always been unconditional. But my spirit in the this godforsaken recession (or whatever it is that you want to call it) has gotten me pretty down at another one of those seemingly inopportune moments. Still, I am working as diligently as possible, zeroing o…

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