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Accountability: What happens to your broken electronics?

When you purchase new electronics, what do you do with the old components you are replacing? Do you donate them? Give them to a friend? Throw them away? Send them to a recycling facility? Many people I see throw countless items in the garbage everyday. Multiply this by the billions of people on this planet and you should easily see a problem. While not all countries have waste collection programs, here in the US we do. You can contact your local Solid Waste Management to see how you can properly dispose of your spent electronics. Most of these items can be disassembled by these agencies, where parts can be recycled back into new electronics. Most of the plastic housings can also be recycled.

Here are the links for our counties here in South Florida. You can easily look for the department in your county by searching, "Solid Waste Management" in your search browser.
Miami Dade County:
Broward County: http://www.broward.o…

Accountability: Hill's Pet Nutrition Science Diet

I recently emailed Hill's Pet Nutrition headquarters to ask if they had any future plans of making the packaging for their pet products recyclable anytime in the near future. The best way to get the answers you need is to reach out and ask. It's important that we hold businesses accountable for the things we feel are important. I feel like responsible manufacturing, production, and distribution is imperative to our future. The same goes with honest business practices and concerns for their customer-base. This goes beyond the satisfaction of the product itself; it extends to the source of their resources, how the extraction of these resources effects local communities, how the disposal of wastes effects environment health for you and your future. These are extremely important ideas and we deserve to demand them. Here is my original email:


I have been a customer with Hills for a long time, purchasing dog/cat food for my pets. I was disappointed to see that your pac…