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A beautifully sunny day with two of my favorites at Vizcaya Museum and Gardens located in North Coconut Grove, FL - (prepare for symmetry overload)

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"you and I so far away"

This doesn't actually have a name.  I "named" it after another Citizen Cope song called, "Off the Ground."  I was in a pizza parlour waiting at the counter for my enormous slice of green pepper, mushroom, and pineapple pizza when an altercation between two grown and enormously scary men started threatening to kill each other on either side of me.  I patiently waited for my slice of pizza to come out of the stone oven.  The altercation was over an accidental (or unaccidental) bump of the shoulder as one guy passed the other at the counter.  I laughed inside.  It was funny.  Until the guy threatened to blow his head off, left and came back with his hand in his pocket.  I was in the middle.  I was scared.  I'd typically tell these gentleman to "shut the fuck up and quit ruining everyone else's peaceful, hungover afternoon.  Love a brother, goddamit."  But I wasn't going to say shit.  I had an enormous slice of pizza to eat, a friend outside t…

About sums it up

The last few weeks have been dynamic, to say the least, and I can probably sum it up in a paragraph of "person, place, things." It goes a little something like this:

Sand in my car, Fire Rock & Longboard, Delirium Nocturnum at the PRL, organic chemistry, 28 beautiful years, Greek coffee, cycling, Friday night sand volleyball, Sunday Fundays, this website, giant slices of pizza, music, dive shop discounts, submarine sighting, late night convenies, Siam Oishi, wishful photography, my fantastic black bean and corn salsa, unmotivational study sessions, running pain (naproxen and glucosamine chondroitin), moderately unprovoked kick-boxing bruises, hot tea, gear talk, comical relief, cigarettes, Sunday dinners with neighbors, mischief on the boardwalk, epic Birthday weekends, xbox co-op, Australia talk, Incubus tickets, Reef sandals, water like glass, motorcycle rides to pool parties and wrinkly yacht gatherings, roman candles off balconies, rediscovered love for sitting on th…