"you and I so far away"

This doesn't actually have a name.  I "named" it after another Citizen Cope song called, "Off the Ground."  I was in a pizza parlour waiting at the counter for my enormous slice of green pepper, mushroom, and pineapple pizza when an altercation between two grown and enormously scary men started threatening to kill each other on either side of me.  I patiently waited for my slice of pizza to come out of the stone oven.  The altercation was over an accidental (or unaccidental) bump of the shoulder as one guy passed the other at the counter.  I laughed inside.  It was funny.  Until the guy threatened to blow his head off, left and came back with his hand in his pocket.  I was in the middle.  I was scared.  I'd typically tell these gentleman to "shut the fuck up and quit ruining everyone else's peaceful, hungover afternoon.  Love a brother, goddamit."  But I wasn't going to say shit.  I had an enormous slice of pizza to eat, a friend outside to finish the half I didn't eat, a beer or two across the street, a bike locked to a lamppost, and an apartment full of friends to come home to for an amazing Labor Day dinner.

Casting negative energy out; you're asking for it
Self righteous bouts masking the way you wish the world would work it out
in fairness and in pride, for others scared at countertops between Guidos
hashing it out over pizza or personal space--no matter
beggars on the street lie to deter facing blame
and shame is left in the hearts that care, but shake their head for the hopeless
the chase to fix the world through anger isn't the route to saving humanity
in an insane-manmade calamity of manufactured waste and poison
the general population has chosen to consume over and over again
"I'll change things tomorrow." i.e. next year, I mean, never.
and the cynically jaded escape, floating close to shore in the sea
just incase people get their shit together and realize just how much they need
more people like of us.

I've realized I can't fix everyone, but I've gotten a lot of people to listen.  Maybe someday I will share some of these stories with you.  Like the homeless woman that had just gotten out of prison begging for money who I told had to change everything she knew, or the conversation I had with a gentleman about the freedom to choose whatever we wanted out of life.  I don't have any regrets in life.  I discuss life only with people that want to state their peace.  A lot of people that you see out there on the streets just want someone to talk to; they just want to justify or solidify that what they are doing is right.  It's not my place to tell them that it is or isn't... and I don't.  But if they tell me they want things to be different then it's only fair to proclaim change.


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