About sums it up

The last few weeks have been dynamic, to say the least, and I can probably sum it up in a paragraph of "person, place, things." It goes a little something like this:

Sand in my car, Fire Rock & Longboard, Delirium Nocturnum at the PRL, organic chemistry, 28 beautiful years, Greek coffee, cycling, Friday night sand volleyball, Sunday Fundays, this website, giant slices of pizza, music, dive shop discounts, submarine sighting, late night convenies, Siam Oishi, wishful photography, my fantastic black bean and corn salsa, unmotivational study sessions, running pain (naproxen and glucosamine chondroitin), moderately unprovoked kick-boxing bruises, hot tea, gear talk, comical relief, cigarettes, Sunday dinners with neighbors, mischief on the boardwalk, epic Birthday weekends, xbox co-op, Australia talk, Incubus tickets, Reef sandals, water like glass, motorcycle rides to pool parties and wrinkly yacht gatherings, roman candles off balconies, rediscovered love for sitting on the floor, sleeplessness, opportunities turned down, like a boss, battle wounds, wine out of tiny cups, sweet potatoes and steamed salmon, apple hookah, animal-loving, generous and genuine friends, care packages from home


_erica said…
I promise your care package from me is coming soon...as soon as I get my first paycheck!!
Kimbrolynn said…
I can't wait! But no rush, of course :) My mom sent me lots of teas (which are already almost gone), my favorite honey peanut butter from Kroger, and a few luna bars.

I really, really miss you and I wish that you could come and see me. But I will see you in December <3

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