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A name is just a "dai hao"

It's time I confessed...

Paper Rival
I stole this title from a Freakonomics article. And it maybe would have fit with the reoccurring theme of my blog/travels a little better if it were in Japanese or Spanish... or English for that matter. Maybe even porpoise would have made more sense at this stage, but who's really monitoring this crap anyway.

The article says that "daoi hao" is like the Chinese term for "code name" and not necessarily something that is anchored to ones core in any personal manner. I digress in saying that "code words" or any form of "code speech" in general, at least on this end of the aisle, is an absolute confession of admiration. And that goes for just about everything you will find here in my blog, and what goes on in the daily rhythm of my unprinted life.

So what is in a name exactly? Many of my far away visitors probably wonder this often when they come across my blog titled, "Distraction is a Gift"…


Lucas was our turtle dog and camp defender when I lived on Playa Caletas, Costa Rica with my 6 other fellow turtle folk. He was a special companion to all of us, but I always felt like he was extra special to me since I had never had a dog of my own. Maybe he had a way of making us all feel that way. He never discriminated against any of us, and as his duties called for the protection of the turtles and of the camp itself, it also called for the protection of each and every one of us as we went out on our nightly patrols. He'd often go out with one set of patrollers--either South or North--often stealthly running between the two divides to check on both groups. His hearing was faultlessly tuned to the sounds of the ocean and could hear poachers whispering to each other in the darkness, away from our view. He'd bark and growl like a wild beast when poachers were near, and we'd tell him to hush as to not frighten approaching loras, but what fuss he was causing probabl…

When opportunity knocks...

Back in Ohio, people would always tell me that perfect moments in time only come a dime a dozen. Or that once in a life time opportunities were so far and few that I had to jump on every possible advancement in my career/life that I could get. It's advice that I have carried with me throughout the years, making me more aware of my needs and more conscious of my life decisions. It has made me grateful for the experiences I have had, and memorable of the times I worked so hard, even when things failed underneath my hopeful spirit. But there has been no short supply of opportunity here in Florida, and this past weekend I had the chance to mark a few things off my list.

Welcome to the Florida Everglades.
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Last Friday I left with a few people from my Marine Biology Club at FIU for some fieldwork down in Ponce de Leon Bay located in the Florida Everglades. I have always wanted to visit the Everglades, and had an opportunity to do a little camping in the wild…