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How do you feel about the deep blue sea

The first week of EcoAcademy has come to a successful and exciting close. First, starting out fairly slow (and super stressful, I might add), has found its niche in its own respectfully spirited groove. So far, amongst other things, the week has taught me how grateful I am for my prior camp experience. For what I've learned is that it's always tough to make an impression on young kids right at the start, especially amidst all of the fresh excitement. Today was, by far, the best day we have had as a marine science team. My kids have already taught me just as much as I have taught them, and I am constantly amazed by this. For we have all equally become the educators as much as we have become the educated.

Some of the various activities that we have had the opportunity to partake in this past week were dissections of squid and red snapper; kayaking to Oleta Island and snorkeling in the sea grass in Biscayne Bay; discussions of plankton, diatoms, whales, saltwater density, a…

Honey, now if I'm honest...

I'm back to running again, and running great I am. This also means that I am back to writing mental blogs, and promptly forgetting them as soon as I return back to doorstep. Not that they are always the kind of blogs that need to be or should be shared, but I think in forgetting them, it has given me some much deserved time to turn over any questioning or doubtful thoughts I have had this past weekend.

In the beginning, I was feeling like I had begun to tumble back into a long road of progress, erased, but I see now that I am reacting much like any time new ideas, opportunities, or emotional distresses are thrown my way. I just have to take some time; learn to deal. Tumbling over all possibilities and outcomes until I land on top of what will be best for me. These have always been my struggles, but being alone has given me the experience in making choices that only inevitably effect myself. And I guess that is the way it should be... most of the time.

I had taken some time a…

Happy Day of Independence