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Reinventing life's philosophy

March 30, 2009
Ode to old blogs

Things are brewing again; changing once more inside me. In 2007 I hit a peak of philosophical insight that developed from years of oppression and a handful of extremely astute friends. It was almost like I was crossing paths with a brother, and sister, a soul, myself. One person in particular released a life-changing amount of inspiration during a few profound gatherings during our natural resource law class, in his band's smoke-filled basement, on steep cliffs, slacklines, over sushi, guitars, wine, and barefoot in grass.

As everything feels like it is turning full circle for me (back to my Florida roots, marine biology, friends) I am entering into that fourth realm of interpretation. The last moments I felt so strongly this way, I found myself in the mystical land of Japan for the first time. Specifically, perched atop a large hill in Beppu, Japan listening to piano music, quiet, humid streets, and mystified. I feel like I am headed there a…

Everything starts where it ends

I always become so impeded by the end of the month when it comes time to deliver that final thought. Pretty soon March 2010 will come to a close, forever. It will soon be April 2010, and then April 2010 will be gone forever, too. It may be bizarre to think of time in this way, but I've been thinking of a lot of things in this light, lately. Like, wondering if this will be my last Easter with some of my beloved family members; if I will ever see the marsh the way I did last week; if one instant can change absolutely everything, forever. Forever.

I am leaving, once again, in a couple months and I couldn't be happier. Sometimes, my environment here feels so poisoned. I can't ever remember it feeling any different, and am not sure if it ever will. It's a difficult thought to contemplate, but sometimes I wonder if my constant need to escape this place is the very reason why I ever sought solace in the people and places I have come in contact with in the past 5 years…

By the water


Our endless numbered days

To do list:Get new running shoesPray for warmer weatherWrite March anniversary blog....

Truth is, I've been doing a lot more than merely 'praying for warmer weather'.

About a year ago, I closed a March 1, 2009 blog post with a true statement. Not that I generally don't close my writings with true statements. What I really mean is that the thought was not just one of being "in the moment", but a long-standing contemplation of mine. One that I have held true to for at least a year now--two years; maybe even more. Set aside, never had I thought that such a rumination would take me to a place that I had claimed I would never go back. Have you guessed what kind of place it is that I am speaking of? There are beaches, but alas, it is not Costa Rica.

Before I delve too deeply into the answer to this burning question I have laid before you, I have honored more than just this. Holding true, I have dabbled my hand in ecology education while working the zipline tour…