Reinventing life's philosophy

March 30, 2009
Ode to old blogs

Things are brewing again; changing once more inside me. In 2007 I hit a peak of philosophical insight that developed from years of oppression and a handful of extremely astute friends. It was almost like I was crossing paths with a brother, and sister, a soul, myself. One person in particular released a life-changing amount of inspiration during a few profound gatherings during our natural resource law class, in his band's smoke-filled basement, on steep cliffs, slacklines, over sushi, guitars, wine, and barefoot in grass.

As everything feels like it is turning full circle for me (back to my Florida roots, marine biology, friends) I am entering into that fourth realm of interpretation. The last moments I felt so strongly this way, I found myself in the mystical land of Japan for the first time. Specifically, perched atop a large hill in Beppu, Japan listening to piano music, quiet, humid streets, and mystified. I feel like I am headed there again, and I need it. Apparently, it needed me too. I can't stop thinking; will never stop thinking about everything that defines me. Can probably never let a lot of special places go... but I have to start somewhere.

This week I was reunited with myself. Figuratively, I returned back from Colorado with words and thoughts of wisdom. The inspiration to carry on, move forward. The reminder that life is good and precious and we are meant to take all things in.


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