Our endless numbered days

To do list:
Get new running shoes
Pray for warmer weather
Write March anniversary blog....

Truth is, I've been doing a lot more than merely 'praying for warmer weather'.

About a year ago, I closed a March 1, 2009 blog post with a true statement. Not that I generally don't close my writings with true statements. What I really mean is that the thought was not just one of being "in the moment", but a long-standing contemplation of mine. One that I have held true to for at least a year now--two years; maybe even more. Set aside, never had I thought that such a rumination would take me to a place that I had claimed I would never go back. Have you guessed what kind of place it is that I am speaking of? There are beaches, but alas, it is not Costa Rica.

Before I delve too deeply into the answer to this burning question I have laid before you, I have honored more than just this. Holding true, I have dabbled my hand in ecology education while working the zipline tour at Ozone. Immersed myself into teaching teenagers and adults valuable lessons of honesty, respect, responsibility, and care. And even though in my journey I have not seen canyons, I have had the pleasure of experiencing glorious mountains of the East and of the West. So what is left?

I spent the end of my blustery January month forlorn in attempt to find ocean ecology jobs in Central America, Australia, Hawaii and Florida. What I found were internships led by universities that were providing a perfect platform for very unique marine biology opportunities. And never before had I thought that going back to college for a second bachelors in an actual science major would be intellectually attainable, but personal experience has taught me to hold true to my aspirations. After accidentally applying to a Catholic Dominican foundation (both, of which, I am not. Yes, humorous... thanks), I found better suited universities that held true to my ideology: FAU and FIU. But there could only be one.

And so, this summer I shall depart for my next greatest adventure in Miami, FL. Where I will dedicate myself for the next two years completing my marine biology BS at FIU. And from there? Well, lets not speculate so soon, shall we. But it seems that by coastal waters is where you will find me.

To do list:
Write March anniversary blog...


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