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Beppu - The Story of Two

"How modern life in Japan has found harmonious ways of dancing with traditions."

One of the main aspects that resound most clearly to be about Japan is how it is full of so many wonderful and intriguing contradictions. It is a place that holds its history in high esteem, with practices and ideas still interwoven today as they were hundreds of years ago. Japan is a nurturer, a mother, with important principles of preservation. Inversely, Japan is a warrior, with an immense need for efficiency and utilities that can carry them far through the global market through remarkable advancements in technology. Japan has mastered the art of utilizing these two concepts to work together in creating some of the most technologically efficient forms of preservation in the world. Like fuel efficient cars, efficient recycling systems, the Shinkansen bullet train, and light switches that are interlinked with the insertion of your hotel key to preserve electricity, just to mention a few.